We are Eleni Laloumi, John Lingos, Galia Moumtzidou and Elisavet Pefani. We form a creative architects studio that runs in Thessaloniki, since 2015. People call us Abstruct. We think of ourselves as creative problem solvers and vision-driven idea manufacturers. We focus on interpreting the story that every space has to tell, introducing a human-centric approach to the evolution of architecture and design.

What we do

We listen to what you desire, we draw what you need, we engineer your unique concept and, at the end, we re-invent your real self. We use lines, shapes, color and light to create functional space as a personal (unique) interactive experience for all kinds of purposes (residential, hospitality, retail and commerce, urban landscape). We provide design and construction services with a primary focus on the environment and the human experience within it. We focus on expressing the uniqueness of each concept, by relating architecture and design to visual communication, on all kinds of projects that engage the human experience.
  • Eleni Laloumi

  • John Lingos

  • Galia Moumtzidou

  • Elisavet Pefani