At the outskirts of the center of Thessaloniki, just a few meters from the New City Hall, a renovated apartment from the ’60s has transformed into a modern residence. The primary living space resulted from merging two small front rooms, “transformed” into a unified, spacious, and bright ensemble, housing the living room, kitchen, and dining area with an orientation towards the terrace, offering a view of the old neoclassical buildings in the area. The entrance area was expanded to create a pleasant reception space, featuring a graphic on the wall to welcome visitors. In the center of the apartment, a distinct gray-blue volume houses the auxiliary functions: the bathroom, laundry area, storage space, and kitchen counter. The apartment is characterized by unique color combinations and a pop aesthetic.

In the living areas, the unified “carpet” created by the wooden floor running throughout contributes to the visual continuity. Subtle gray tones creatively blend with bold accents on furniture and overall equipment. The black and white corridor along the kitchen creatively plays with the boundaries of each space, interrupting the wooden floor abruptly.

In the bedroom, the intense color contrasts are not continued to create a serene environment for relaxation. However, the discreet use of geometric patterns on the bed’s wall and furniture design results in a space with a modern aesthetic, still within a “quiet” color palette of white and beige. The existing bathroom was redesigned, featuring small tiles that blend white with shades of blue, reminiscent of pixels, bringing the desired pop aesthetic. The terrace area received special attention, with retro tiles, wooden frames, and furniture creating the atmosphere of a small courtyard.

Thessaloniki, Greece
55 m2
Abstruct Architects
Christina Broussali
Airbnb Apartment