Standing at Olympus’ feet, a preserved, 1883 stone-built mansion of historical significance in typical Macedonian architectural style, was restored and converted into the “hotel ROBOLO”. The main objective was to create a unified concept, which is reflected on the architectural design as well as the visual communication of the company.

The architectural aim was to preserve and highlight the building’s rich history, while creating a functional, modern, yet elegantly luxurious hotel experience. Many existing elements of the building have been restored and given new life, artfully combined with new ones, constructed with natural local materials in unison with the mansion’s traditional aesthetic.

The entire shell of the building was preserved, while all the remaining elements were reconstructed, following the building’s pre-existing typology. A harmonious blend of wood and metal was utilized throughout all building components as well as furnishings and equipment. Hand-made solid wood floors and marquetry, carved planks, painted ceilings, hand-made metal doors and railings, the perforated metal panels in the courtyard, the logs and cast brass dinning table along with the wood panelled fireplace, are some characteristic details of the architectural design.

The meticulous bathroom design was also a highlight, where cement mortar was interwined with tiles in special shapes, colouring and motifs. From textiles and functional equipment, to artworks and other decorative elements the same design vision is evident.

The design of the hotel signage, the corporate logo and business cards, the hotel directory, guest book and all other visual communication elements, complete the architectural concept by forming a unique identity.

Litohoro, Greece
325 m2
Abstruct Architects
Alexandros Iconomidis
Eleftheria Kalpenidou
Robolo Hotel