In the heart of Litochoro, at the foot of Mount Olympus, a two-story residence of the previous century has been restored, preserving the architectural heritage of Macedonian architecture. The goal of its restoration was to create a modern residence while respecting the memories of the owners and the historical integrity of the place.

The layout of the residence, following the typical arrangement of houses from that era, has been maintained with necessary adjustments to meet modern needs for larger and more unified spaces. Upon entering, one encounters an impressive staircase with metal decorative elements and the kitchen, which serves as a focal point in the residence. From there, movements are distributed to the elevated level where the living room and dining area are developed and to the upper floor where the bedrooms are located. The upper floor retains the space of the hall with numerous openings and the “built” sitting area, connecting the three bedrooms and the bathroom.

The vital courtyard space of the era’s residences has been preserved and expanded into the laundry area and its roof, offering different qualities for the summer leisure of the owners. Throughout the entire shell, the local stone masonry has been revealed and preserved, while all other elements have been reconstructed, maintaining the building’s typology. Wooden frames, copper gutters, decorative metal structures, railings, and the courtyard door in shades of mint, white walls and stone harmoniously blend, respecting the tradition of the place and the building.

Inside the residence, wooden floors and ceilings, tiles with an aged appearance, cement in the bathrooms, and elements such as the impressive marble fireplace, internal doors, and the wooden wardrobe, which have been preserved and restored, blend harmoniously to create a unified whole, emphasizing the historical continuity of the building over time.

Litochoro, Pieria, Greece
160 m2
Abstruct Architects
Nikos Vavdinoudis - Christos Dimitriou |
EVA Stone House