Located at the Olympus Mountain foothills, within the historical centre of Litochoro city, a stone built preserved mansion, aged since 1883 and typical example of the Macedonian architectural style, is being restored and re-used as a boutique hotel.

The Abstruct Creative Architects Studio architect group undertook the task to implement the idea of experiencing the luxurious hospitality within an elegant environment. The main architectural designing target of “Robolo Boutique Hotel”, was the preservation and the enhancement of the building’s historical heritage, in conjunction with creating a luxurious, modern and functional hotel experience. Many elements of the already existed building were restored and reused, whereas others, totally new ones, were designed and constructed based on natural local materials, providing a harmonic combination of timeless sustainability and original aesthetic authenticity. The entire shell of the building was preserved whereas the roof, the floors and other internal infrastructure elements were reconstructed, following nevertheless the building’s original typology.

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